Not Getting Pregnant – Now we have Natural solution

Today, a large number of women are suffering from infertility all over the world. They do not have ability to conceive. They cannot get pregnant and thus they cannot extend their family. The biggest dream of their lives is to give birth to a child, they want to be mother, but they cannot. Infertility is a big curse for a woman. A woman is incomplete unless she becomes a mother. Women have to go through a mental trauma because of this critical problem. And in some cultures, they have to go … [Read More...]

Effects of NuvaRing

Does NuvaRing Affect Your Future Fertility?

In the present time, when it comes to birth control methods, women have got a number of options to choose from. Among all the methods available, birth control pills and tubectomy are the most preferred options. Nevertheless, today’s women are more inclined towards a new option, and it is known as NuvaRing. So, what a NuvaRing is? Well, it is a contraceptive vaginal ring which contains two types of hormones – estrogen and progestin. The term NuvaRing is actually a trademark and is … [Read More...]

Clomiphene (Clomid) Work For You

Chances Of Pregnancy With Clomid: Is Clomid Right For You?

Getting a positive result in pregnancy test is something that every married woman eagerly waits for. Attaining parenthood is definitely one of the best feelings in the world, and one cannot describe it in plain words. However, these days a lot of women are coming up with pregnancy related issues, where they are not able to conceive that easily. Most of them have to try really hard in order to get pregnant. And some of them do not get pregnant even after several attempts. So, is there any … [Read More...]

Chances Of Becoming Pregnant

The Odds Of Getting Pregnant: Get Aware Of The Unknown Facts

It is the desire of every married woman to be blessed with a beautiful baby. Attaining motherhood is something that holds a special place in every woman’s life. Nevertheless, there are a lot of women who are not so fortunate, and find it extremely difficult to conceive. So, what are the not getting pregnant reasons? Well, there can be a number of reasons that can keep a woman away from getting pregnant. In fact, the way you have sex with your wife also plays an important role in … [Read More...]

conceive with irregular periods

Get Pregnant With Irregular Periods: Keep The Joy In Motherhood

There are many causes of not getting pregnant and among them is irregular period too. Basically, this is the result of various reasons, one might be hereditary issues. However, you can easily cross this issue and get pregnant fast. In the present advanced world, medical field has so many treatments by which one can overcome any trouble and move forward in the life; however these methods would cost you huge amounts as they involve many scans regularly. If women are having irregular periods, … [Read More...]

Male Fertility Test

How To Test Male Fertility

MALE FERTILITY TESTING TECHNIQUE Proper sperm count in male is very important for proper conception. Though there are several methods of enhancing fertility in male but before applying any such methods it is very important for a person to know his fertility factor so that the diagnosed problem can be addressed properly. Semen analysis It is the most common spermcheck fertility test for determining if there is a male infertility factor. Sperm is collected into a specimen jar and … [Read More...]

Test Fertility In Women

How To Test Fertility In Women

TESTING WOMEN FERTILITY Problem of female fertility is a major issue as it is observed in a huge part of female population. Couples generally try for a year to conceive and if they are unable to do so even after that then they should serious consider getting their fertility tested to find the real problem. Fertility test for women is very important because for the most part, women go through life without any knowledge at all about the status of their remaining fertility potential. Many women … [Read More...]