Bridge-PoseYoga is a great natural treatment for infertility. There are many specific yoga postures that increase fertility. Yoga is an ancient meditation technique from India. Yoga includes postures, mantras and breathing techniques. All these things enhance fertility as they stimulate hormone levels and improve the blood circulation that helps in nutrients supply to the reproduction organs like tubes, eggs, ovaries, testes, uterus, and prostate. This process maximizes the vitality of these organs.

Yoga works for older women too as it slows down the aging of tissues and organs that are responsible to make you pregnant.

Some Postures โ€“

1. Supported Bridge Pose
โ€“ Lie on your back and bent the knees (flat feet) Move feet close to the bottom as much possible.
Inhale and exhale breathe deeply 4 times and lift the pelvis and bottom upwards, but keep the feet on the floor.
Clasp the hands behind the back and stay this way for two minutes and breathe deeply.

2. Legs up on the Wall Pose โ€“
Lie on the side with the bottom close to a wall and then inhale and exhale slowly. And, while exhaling turn the body and move the legs upwards the wall, juts like a 90 degree angle (pelvis, legs and body). Stay this way for two minutes and breathe in and out slowly.

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