What Are The Causes Of Infertility In Women

Female Infertility Causes

What Causes Female Infertility?

In the present time, infertility has turned out to be more common among couples. Health related websites and health magazines often come up with issues related to infertility and other sexual issues. So, have you ever thought about the causes of infertility in women? Well, it is true that there are plenty of causes of infertility that affects a woman’s ability to get pregnant. And, we have tried to pick some of them to explain you. But, before we get into the causes, let us talk more about infertility.

Who is said to be infertile? Well, if a couple faces difficulties in conceiving even after 12 months of unprotected intercourse, then it is quite likely that either of them or both of them are infertile. And, in around 50 percent of the cases, it has been found that women are more responsible for the problem. And, it is known to most of us the female reproductive system is far more complex than that of the male one. For this reason, there can be plenty of reasons that can lead to infertility in women. Nevertheless, women infertility treatments have become quite possible these days. So, let us take a look into the five common causes of infertility in women.

5 Common Causes of Female Infertility

1. Ovarian Cysts: This is definitely one of the prime reasons that results in such situation. Cysts are a kind of sac, filled with fluid, and it forms in the ovary. As a result, it affects the normal process of ovulation. In most of the cases, it is found to be non-cancerous, which means it does not cause any harm to the life of the patient. However, sometimes it can definitely get deadly. Cysts usually form after the age of 35. And, it can be removed through laparoscopy.

2. Fibroids: Quite similar to the cysts, a fibroid is a kind of non-cancerous growth, which forms on the muscular wall of the uterus. The size of fibroids can vary, and it usually ranges from the mass of a pea to the mass of a grapefruit. Sometimes, it can even grow on the outer side of the uterine wall, which can be quite painful.

3. Decreased Ovarian Reserve (DOR): It is quite among the women who are in their pre-menopausal years.

4. Regular Miscarriages: This severely affects the reproductive system of a female, which usually leads to infertility.

5. Premature Ovarian Failure: It usually affects the women who are in their 40’s. And, the causes are still unknown.

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