The Odds Of Getting Pregnant: Get Aware Of The Unknown Facts

not getting pregnant reasonsIt is the desire of every married woman to be blessed with a beautiful baby. Attaining motherhood is something that holds a special place in every woman’s life. Nevertheless, there are a lot of women who are not so fortunate, and find it extremely difficult to conceive.

So, what are the not getting pregnant reasons?

Well, there can be a number of reasons that can keep a woman away from getting pregnant. In fact, the way you have sex with your wife also plays an important role in conceiving.

There are some sex positions that are considered less helpful for getting pregnant. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that in any sex position your wife will be able to conceive. Still, in some cases where the woman is finding it tough to conceive, sex position can play a vital role. For this reason, it is important to have some idea about sex “positions for not getting pregnant”. Through this article, we will help you know about how to increase the possibility of getting pregnant.

Increase the Probability of Conception

Like we already mentioned, there are some easy ways through which women can increase the chances of their getting pregnant. By following some simple tips and becoming aware of the facts not getting pregnant,

every woman can do away with negative pregnancy test results. So, take a look below.

  • Have More Sex: Every loving couple would certainly find this tip quite exciting, isn’t it? Well, apart from the pleasure thing, there are also some elements of science behind this idea. Having more and frequent sex helps women to achieve orgasm more easily. And it has been found by the researchers that orgasm plays a big role in conceiving. During an orgasm, a suction effect is created that causes the cervix to transport sperms into the vagina in a better way. So, help your woman to achieve orgasm during sex.
  • Know Your Menstrual Cycle: It is certainly important to have complete information about your menstrual cycle. To make this happen, you should always monitor your three main fertility signals. Use a calendar to mark down the day when your period starts. Having sex during the most fertile days can improve conception best chances.
  • Stay Natural: It is better to keep your vagina away from creams and vaginal sprays. Always try to maintain the sperm friendly environment inside your vagina. So, do away with artificial things.
  • Sex Position: There are some sex positions that can add to the probability of conception. Among all the positions, the missionary position is considered as the best way to get pregnant. The reason behind is the comfort and level of penetration involved in this position. Deeper penetration and downward position of the vagina increases the chances of getting pregnant.
  • Do Not Smoke or Drink: Smoking and drinking is quite dangerous for women who plan to conceive. It is a fact that smoking only 10 cigarettes every day can bring down the likelihood of conception by 50%.
  • Do Away With Coffee: Before you plan to conceive, make sure that you are not addicted to coffee. Too much of caffeine can be dangerous for your health and ability to conceive. So, cut down your intake of caffeine.
  • Stay Healthy: Your overall health conditions play a vital role in this regard. This is the reason why you should always maintain a healthy and proper diet. In addition, you should do some exercise on regular basis. Doing so will help you achieve regular menstrual cycles, which is definitely important for getting pregnant.

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