Get Pregnant Successfully – Boost Sperm Count

Today, a lot of women face difficulties for getting pregnant due to different problems. But, studies show that there are many cases in which the male side is to be blamed for the ‘not getting situation’.

Unlike women, men are more concerned about this issue as it becomes a social stigma for them for not being able to reproduce. They do not know how to face this situation, but it is true that low sperm count is found as the primary reason behind the pregnancy problems.

What causes low sperm count in men?

Well, there are many reasons behind this problem. Environment and the way a man lives their life hugely affects their fertility.

Men working in certain work environments where exposure to toxins and chemicals is normal are highly prone to this problem. Sometimes exposure to heat in an enormous amount for a continuous period of time also results in sperm problem in men. Wearing tight fitting clothing can also lead to low sperm problem. Lack of proper nutrition is also one of the main reasons behind low sperm count.

Increase Sperm Count – increase sperm count

There are many ways to deal with this problem. There are many ways to increase sperm count mobility.

Foods – The first thing you need to do is to avoid eating processed and sugar foods. This type of food items can lower the sperm count. Men should eat healthy diets filled with good nutrition like magnesium, proteins, & vitamins etc. Taking supplements of iron, zinc, amino acids and antioxidants really helps. Caffeine can also affect your chances, so reduce the amount of coffee, chocolate and cocoa.

Addiction – Stay away from alcohol, tobacco and drugs etc. Adopt healthy eating and drinking habits and follow a healthy lifestyle.

Reduce Stress – Many men do not know that stress is a major contributor to sperm low count problem. If there is stress in your mind & body, then it directly affects your fertility. It weakens the hormonal levels. You should reduce stress daily by engaging yourself in physical activities and good entertainment time.

Exercise – Doing daily and regular workout also helps a lot for this problem. You can either join a Gym or start doing normal exercises at your home. Go for jogging, running and swimming at least 5 days a week.

Environment – A lot of men are not aware of this fact that their body temperature is also very important for the production of sperm in their body. Sudden increase in the temperature affects the testes & sperm drastically. So, stay away from warm surroundings and avoid steam bath, sauna and hot showers.

Clothing – Wearing tight clothes also affects your fertility. You should avoid these types of clothes and wear loose clothes. Loose and well ventilated clothes are good to increase sperm count mobility.

Also, good sleep daily is very important. Overall, you should follow a healthy lifestyle with good emphasize on diet and exercise to increase sperm count motility.

All these tips are very important for men facing the low sperm count problem. Following al these ways will definitely help you get rid of this problem. It is advised that you also visit a Doctor to know more about your situation.