Low Sperm Count- Try Natural Solutions

Low sperm count can result from a number of biological, chemical, mechanical and environmental factors, some may even be genetic in nature, however the manner of approach also varies just as the causes vary. A healthy sperm is the one that often come as a white or grey colour such a sperm must be thick and come in substantial quantity.  It is generally believed that the ideal sperm should be 40 million while at least 75% of these must be alive and with 30% having the normal healthy shape. It is also believed that 20% of the total sperm must have the ideal speed required to make them fertile.

Natural Low sperm treatment -natural low sperm treatment

Generally , the most predominant causes of low sperm count include; Increased masturbation, increased alcohol consumption and smoking, Prostrate glad disorders, deformed genitals, ingestion or inhalation of harmful chemical and toxic substances, repeated ejaculation over a short period of time, repeated masturbation and hereditary factors among several others.

There are several natural ways through which one can get a low sperm cure. In most cases, a positive attitude towards lifestyle is recommended. Staying away from smoking and cutting down drastically on your alcohol consumption is one of the best possible ways for low sperm treatment. The kind of diet you take will also determine how well you can boost your sperm levels. Try as much as possible to avoid or cut down on the consumption of spicy, acidic and bitter foods, rather you should consume healthy foods such as whole grains and vegetables rich in protein and Vitamins. Almonds, nuts, avocado and bananas are regarded as natural foods that can increase your sperm count and also help you improve upon your fertility.

The testosterone production of the body can be greatly increased when zinc containing foods like Oysters are consumed. Oysters also contain Dopamine which possess the ability to increase sexual desires in men. Another food that can naturally help in low sperm count treatment is Celery. Celery contains androsterone as well as several odour free hormones which increase sexual stimulation.

Aside the several healthy diets and lifestyle changes, an individual is also expected to engage in some healthy activities to prevent low sperm count. It is recommended that an individual should take a 3 day break between 2 successive ejaculations to restore fertility. Massaging this penis with herbal oils will improve the blood circulation within the penis region and help increase sperm count.