42-15928058This is another responsible factor that creates trouble conceiving. When a woman does not get pregnant, she gets depressed and stress is put on their mind and body heavily. This condition affects their conceptions chances drastically. There are a large number of women who are not aware if that fact that stress affects their fertility and their pregnancy chances. Stress ruins the digestive and immune system and leaves the nutrient reserves empty. It causes an adrenaline release that activates the brain. Stress can lead to high blood pressure, frequent colds, digestive disorders, and flu and in some cases, it can also cause infertility as it affects the menstrual cycle. And, infertility along with stress worsens the situation.
There are many ways to reduce stress. Spend quality time with your family and friends. Recreational activities will refresh you and reenergize you. Go to social gatherings, attend events and participate in group activities. These things will give you a great time and you will forget your worries. Doing exercise helps a lot for this problem.
Yoga meditation techniques are very useful for this purpose. There are many relaxation techniques that also help you to reduce stress.

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  1. Rose Donald says:

    I really did not believe that even stress can create infertility in women. But, I had to when my Doctor told me that the amount of stress in my mind and body was creating problems for me to conceive. I was shocked that a small factor like this can also create any trouble for a woman to become a mother. But, thanks to the natural treatment I followed that I came to knew about after visiting this site. It boosted my fertility and I became pregnant.

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