Signs Of Infertility In Men And Women

Infertility Symptoms, Causes

Infertility In Men and Women

In the present time, there has been a significant rise in the number of cases related to infertility in men and women as well. But, what is infertility? Well, in simple and straight words, it is the inability to conceive even after 12 months of unprotected sexual intercourse. In research, it has been found that in 30 percent of the cases, the fault has been found in males; whereas, in 20 percent of the cases, both male and female are found to be responsible. And, in 50 percent of the cases, it was found that women were more responsible for the situation. So, is there any way to detect the problem at the beginning stage?

Well, there are some infertility symptoms that can be used to detect the problem in men and women as well. Though one may not find any physical symptoms associated with infertility, but certain medical tests can definitely help men and women to detect it. Thankfully, with the progress in the field of medical science, it has even become possible to increase fertility naturally. But, it is equally necessary to know about the symptoms of infertility in men and women as well.

Common Symptoms of Infertility in men

The most visible symptom of infertility in men is the inability to make her wife pregnant even after 12months of unprotected sexual intercourse. Apart from it, there can be several sexual problems which can also lead to infertility. For example: unable to reach orgasm and ejaculate properly; unable to maintain a proper erection during the intercourse (erectile dysfunction), and many more. In addition, if a man feels some pain or find out some swelling in the testicle area, then it can also hint towards infertility. Decreased hair on face or body can hint towards hormonal abnormality, which is again a symptom of infertility. Other than them, one of the main symptoms is low sperm count, which can trigger from number of reasons, such as smoking, alcohol, tight underwear, environmental pollution, hot baths, radiation, etc.

Symptoms of Infertility in Women

Just like in the case of men, inability to conceive is the most visible symptom of infertility in women. Other than them, there are many more symptoms associated with this problem. Abnormal menstrual cycle is one of the most common signs of sterility. Discomfort or pelvic pain between menstrual cycles; heavy periods; low sex drive; nipple discharge; headaches, hair loss; and depression are some of the signs of infertility.

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