Sex Positions

pregnantIt is a very wide misconception that the sex position does not matter for your pregnancy. It is totally wrong. Actually, there are positions that can help your get pregnant fast and there are positions that can decrease your chances of conception.

According to experts, Missionary (man on top) and Scissors (both lying on sides) positions are the best for conception. When you have sex in these postures, the semen is able to reach the cervix easily. Another important thing is that when you have sex, place a pillow under your bottom. And, after the sexy do not just get up immediately, you should lay back for at lest 10 minutes. And, never perform intercourse in the ‘women on top’ positions as the semen does not reach its destination.

Cliff Hanger is another popular position in which the woman lays on the edge of the bed with the legs hanging towards the floor and the man penetrates her either standing or kneeling. In this position, the man can penetrate deeply.

Also, an important thing to note is that having sex multiple times is not a good thing as it can weaken the quality of the sperm. You should have more and more sex only during your most fertile days.

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