Ovarian Cysts

ovarianAn enlarged ovarian follicle (2cms) is termed as an ‘Ovarian Cyst’. A cyst is a small sac of tissue filled with fluid.

There are two types of ovarian cysts - functional and non-functional cysts. Determining the type of an ovarian cyst is done by identifying the fluid inside a cyst. The non-functional ovarian cysts are more dangerous as they have many complications. A woman who is suffering with these cysts can experience discomfort during intercourse, vomiting, severe abdominal pain etc.

When a cyst is small, there are no signs. Large cysts cause abdomen swelling. Sometimes, an ovarian cyst can also exert pressure on the bladder and cause irregular periods, heart palpitation (when a cyst is ruptured).

There can be many reasons behind this problem like week immune system, excessive body weight, poor diet, and toxic material in the body. Also, you can get cysts hereditarily (if someone in your family already affected). You should not go for surgery as the ovarian cysts recur in this procedure. The natural and holistic treatments are best as they cure it from the root.

You should eat fresh fruits and green vegetables and avoid refined and packaged foods, and hydrogenated oils etc. Also, avoid products of soy and milk and reduce the amount of grains in the diet.

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