Not Getting Pregnant Reasons

With increasing number of women who are facing different conception problems, the number of treatment options is also increasing.

But, do you know that what actually causes these pregnancy problems? Let’s find out in this article. It will help you for spotting reasons.

Possible Reasons for Not Getting Pregnant

1. Addiction – This is the first reason that why you are not getting pregnant. A lot of women do not know or they simply do not want to agree that addiction of any kind can harm their fertility. Smoking, drinking and drugs etc. are really dangerous for your health. It directly affects your reproduction health, i.e. your fertility. Addiction can completely destroy women’s fertility or it can delay your pregnancy.

2. Poor Nutrition – Next point in the possible reasons for not getting pregnant is that a lot of women are not able to eat good nutrition in their diet which is very important for a woman who wants to conceive. Diet with all the required nutrition in good amount is very essential for women to be able to get pregnant and become a mother. Supply of nutrients like proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, magnesium, zinc and iron etc. to the body is really vital for the reproduction health of women and when it does not happen, it results in conception problems and affects women’s fertility.

3. Stress –stress This is another reason behind not getting pregnant. Most of the women do not know that stress can also women’s fertility. When there is stress in your mind and body, it leads to fertility problems directly or indirectly. Stress is sometimes also responsible for missed period. So, do not take stress lightly. Reduce your stress daily by engaging yourself in physical activities and everything that interests you.

4. Genes – This is also a possible reason behind not getting pregnant. Many women get this from either of their parents. Missed period is a common situation with this reason. So, the hereditary factor is also responsible for this situation.

5. Sex – Now, this is a very important reason that why you are not getting pregnant. Sex can be responsible in many ways for your not getting pregnant situation.

(i) Timing – Women do not know that having sex at the right time is very important for conception. A lot of women believe that just having sex every now and then will result in conception, but it is not true. The timing of sex is very important. And, the bets time to have intercourse for conception purpose is the ovulation time. So, have intercourse during the ovulation days and it will increase your chances.

(ii) Positions – Yes, the positions in which you have sex is also very important for the pregnancy chances. A large number of women are not aware of this fact that there are certain positions that can increase their conception chances, while there are also positions that can decrease their chances. Positions lie ‘Missionary’ and ‘On the Edge’ are very useful for conception. Avoid the ‘Women on Top’ positions.

6. Partner – Last, your sexual partner can also be responsible for your not getting pregnant situation. They may have low sperm count or poor quality sperms. So, get them visit a Doctor for their treatment.

So, these are the possible reasons for not getting pregnant. You know the root cause now, so you can also do the treatment.

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