Not Getting Pregnant – Physical Issues

So, you are one of the millions of women who are not getting pregnant? not getting pregnantUnfortunate women like you have to fight with numerous obstacles to be able to conceive and become a mother.

This article is centered on the major physical reasons that hinder the path of motherhood for many women.

Pregnancy Problems

1. Addiction – This is the major reason behind the not getting pregnant problem in women. If you are a woman who smokes, drinks and uses drugs, then you have very low chances of conceiving. Addiction of any type harms your fertility drastically and your pregnancy chances are reduced severely. Addiction is not only harmful before pregnancy, but it is also very dangerous during the pregnancy. It can complicate the pregnancy and the child can be born with multiple defects. So, addiction is one of the major problems getting pregnant. Stay away from it.

2. Weight – This is another major physical reason among women for not getting pregnant. Having either over or low weight equally affects your chances of getting pregnant. If a woman has a BMI of 25, then she is obese and it is dangerous for her overall health and reproduction organs. Due to the imbalanced weight in women, their hormone level is also imbalanced and thus it creates reproduction problems. Maintain a good amount of body weight.

3. Sex Timing – You may not know, but even your intercourse timing can affect your pregnancy chances. If a woman wants to get pregnant fast, they should have sex with their partner during their fertility period of the month. Many women believe that having sex regularly at any time of the month works for conception, but it is wrong. No matter how frequently you have sex with your partner, if you do not do it during your fertility period, then you have very low chances of getting pregnant. It is one of the major problems getting pregnant. The ovulation period occurs 14 days prior to the start of the menstrual cycle in women and they can plan their intercourse according to this calculation and if a woman does not get her periods at the right time, then using an ovulation prediction kit is the best option. The basal thermometers are also used for this purpose.

4. Stress – Stress is a major factor behind pregnancy problems in women. It can lead to infertility in women. Stress is a common thing for every person and you cannot prevent it from happening, but of course, you can reduce it when it attacks your body and mind. It is very important that you take time to revive yourself. You should participate in physical activities and go for outings. Doing regular exercise also helps you like jogging, cycling and running.

5. Nutrition – The diet you eat is also very important for your pregnancy chances. It is highly important that you eat healthy diets with good amount of nutrition to stay fit and healthy. Your body requires getting all the essential nutrients to function in a proper way. Today, people like to eat different kinds of fast foods & processed foods which are very unhealthy. These foods contain harmful chemicals that reduce your fertility and affect the balance of your hormones. So, eat healthy diets with good nutrition for effective pregnancy solutions.

So, know you know the major physical reasons behind your pregnancy problems. You can avoid these problems getting pregnant happening to you by following a healthy lifestyle and adopting healthy habits. Follow the easy pregnancy solutions for these problems that are just the opposite doing what causes these problems.

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