Not Getting Pregnant – Low Sperm Count Reasons

low sperm count treatment One of the possible ways to get pregnant fast is when the male partner has a virile and active high sperm count. One of the leading cause of male infertility is low sperm count- also referred to as Oligospermia.  The minimum sperm count is often expected to be 20 million per millimeter of semen and for pregnancy to occur, it is expected that 60% of these sperms must have the required normal shape and must also have the normal upward movement.

Low sperm count reasons

Fertility testing is one sure way of detecting whether your sperm count is low or high. After this, semen analysis test and some other confirmatory tests will follow. Though, the normal required sperm count is put at 20 million per millimeter of semen, however there has been some few cases where men with high sperm count have found it to impregnate their partners while those with lower sperm count have also been found to successfully impregnate their women, hence, the effect of sperm count is tied to some other medical reasons.

There are a number of options available in treating low sperm count and help the man help his woman get pregnant fast. If  Hormonal imbalances are responsible for low sperm count in a male, drug therapies as well as lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking, low or moderate alcohol consumption, and abstaining from drug abuse are some of such ways of dealing with the problem. In cases where Varicoceles is the cause of the low sperm count in the individual , Surgery is often conducted on the dilated vessels and in so doing, another route is created for the blood flow.

Aside dealing with the issue of low sperm count, women can get pregnancy fast by living a healthy lifestyle and ensuring that they go for several medical tests on regular basis. Improving your cervical fluid is very important, consuming the right quantity of water {around 8 glasses of water a day}, aside water, consuming enough fruits and vegetables such as baby carrots which contain lots of Vitamin A can boost your cervical fluid performances. Beta Carotene has been found to be effective in improving the amount of your cervical fluid.

There are several dietary supplements available in the market that can help women get pregnancy fast and boost their fertility.

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