Not Getting Pregnant Cause – Poor Intercourse Timing

poor intercourse timingMany couples are often impatient when they want to start a family and in the process they ended up waiting for a long time because of poor Intercourse timing which has reduced their chances of getting pregnant.  If your spouse has been trying to get impregnate you the old fashion way, it will be ideal to let him know that there is a best time to get pregnant only if sexual intercourse timing is set right.

How to determine the best time to get pregnant

There are some few steps you need to take as a woman before you can determine your exact intercourse timing.  Time intercourse must coincide with the woman’s most fertile period of the month, this is often around the middle of her cycle, it is believed that a woman is most fertile within 1-3 days of her cycle, hence not timing intercourse within these days might be one of not getting pregnant reasons.

It is ideal for the woman to check her cervical fluid often. A woman’s cervical fluid often changes during her cycle,  a slippery and abundant cervical fluid which looks similar to the texture of egg white means the woman is at its fertile period and sexual intercourse around this period will definitely increases the woman’s chances of getting pregnant.  It also means the sperm can thrive and move faster within the fluid.

One of the essential getting pregnant tips you must consider is measuring the woman’s basal temperature. This also means the woman’s morning temperature measurement. You can do this with the aid of a digital thermometer and an increase of three or four-tenth of a degree on the scale will indicate that an ovulation has taken place in the woman, and sexual intercourse shortly before or after this increase in temperature will definitely lead increase chances of getting pregnant.

The position of a woman’s cervix often change during her cycle. It is ideal to check and monitor these positions to ascertain the best time for sexual intercourse. The woman becomes more fertile especially when the cervix becomes higher, softer and more open. One of not getting pregnant reasons is the fact that some men mistakenly ejaculate outside of the vaginal during sexual intercourse.

Men should increase their motility rate by wearing cotton boxers instead of briefs, eat balance diets and avoid hot showers and saunas for a long time, to increase your partner’s chances of getting pregnant.

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