Natural Chinese Herbs

natural chinese herbsChinese herb are very effective for the conception related problems. As they are all natural, so there is no risk of side effects. The Chinese herbs have been used since a long time to cure infertility in women. It has been found that nearly 70% of the infertility cases treated by these herbs result in pregnancy, a very good success rate.

The Chinese herbs empower the self-immune mechanism and cleansing abilities in your of your body that is very important to eliminate Infertility. Apart from infertility, these herbs also work for other problems in women like irregular periods.

There are around 150 herbs, and generally a preparation is made of 15 different herbs.

‘Chasteberry’ (Vitex Agnus Castus) is a very popular herb that is known for its great properties that stimulate and normalize the functions of the pituitary gland and boost the female sex hormones. ‘Dong Quai’ is also an effective herb that balances the estrogens levels in the body and helps regulating the menstrual cycle (but, do not take this one after you get pregnant). Maca is a very useful herb as it boosts the sexual desire in both the genders. Red Clover blossom is also a high vitamin herb and it benefits the uterus. It also has calcium & magnesium that boosts fertility and relaxes the nervous system.

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