Infertility Tests For Men And Women

Infertility TestsIn today’s world, infertility has turned out to be more common among couples; and, it is certainly ruining away the peace from their martial life. Not every couple finds it easy to cope with the reality and handle the situation in a better way. Thankfully, medical science has come up with several methods to test and treatments of infertility. And, it is definitely helping millions of couples to fulfill their long cherished dream to attain parenthood.

But, before we think about the treatment, it is necessary to know about the causes of infertility. Understanding the reasons that leads to sterility is quite important for both men and women. If one knows about the things or factors that give rise to such problem, then it will certainly help him/her to detect it, before things go out of his/her hand. Thankfully, there are different effective test for infertility that can detect the problem. So, let us take a look at them.

Male Infertility tests

1. Varicocele Symptom Test: The vein on the left part of scrotum is known as Varicose. In case, the vein get swollen up, it can ultimately lead to sterility in male. However, a swollen varicose can be easily detected through this test.

2. Temperature and Size of Testicle: In order to produce healthy sperms, it is quite necessary for the testicles to remain soft and in proper size. Along with, it is equally necessary to maintain an ideal temperature around the testes. Otherwise, it can severely affect the formation of sperms.

3. Urethra Opening test: This test is carried out to figure out if the patient has hypospadis. It is a kind of birth problem, in which the location of the urethra is found to be abnormal. And, it is also one of the reasons behind sterility.

4. Hormonal test: In this test, the level of hormones, like testosterone and FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone). And, it is determined by taking blood samples.

Infertility Tests for Women

1. Hormonal test: In women, usually two kinds of hormones are tested to figure out infertility. One of them is FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) and the other is progesterone.

2. Body temperate test: In this test, the body temperature is measured, only in the morning. And, it is used to determine the release of eggs from the ovaries.

3. Ovulation Home test: This test is used to determine the level of fertility in women.

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