Improve Sperm Count Motility with Natural Rich Diet

Healthy Foods that are Useful to Increase Sperm Count Sperm ProductionOne of the best possible ways to improve sperm motility is through adequate balanced diet which must include some special nutrients that will naturally aid your sperm motility and quality. It is believed that at least your partner’s inability to get pregnant will be due to lack of proper dietary consumption.

Foods that increase sperm count naturally and help resolve low sperm count problems

There are several categories of foods that can be of benefit especially when it comes to dealing with low sperm count problems.  The first group of foods that must be included in your diet to improve sperm count motility includes; Red pepper, dried apricots, oatmeal and carrots. These are essential foods that contain essential Vitamin A that will help you grow and healthy sperm. Lack of Vitamin A result in sluggish sperm, however increasing your intake of broccoli, spinach, green potatoes, and dairy products fortified with Vitamin A can go a long way in resuscitating your sperm motility.

The second class of foods you need to include in your diet to increase sperm count naturally include; strawberries, asparagus, cooked tomatoes, and snow peas. These are foods that contain a high amount of Vitamin C. Red peppers, sweet potatoes, fruits and yellow vegetables can help increase help resolve low sperm count problems.

The next class of food that will help you improve sperm motility includes; pumpkin seeds, sea foods, oysters and eggs. These are foods that are believe to supply enough zinc in the body, inadequate zinc content has been linked with low testosterone hormones in the body and that can result in low sperm count. Beef yoghurt, oatmeal and corn can also help replenish zinc content in the body.

Leafy green veggies, beans, whole grains and avocados are food materials which can also help you improve upon your sperm count motility. Chromosomal abnormalities have been associated with low folic acid content in the body , increasing the content of dark green veggies and fruit in your diet can actually act as folic acid supplement.

Salmon, Sardines, and walnuts are some other groups of foods which can increase your Omega-3 fatty acids, these are foods that also increase blood flow around the genitals and enhance your sexual performance.

Sperm count analysis is one of the surest ways through which you can detect the best kind of diet that will help you get your sperm motility back in order.

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