How To Test Male Fertility


Proper sperm count in male is very important for proper conception. Though there are several methods of enhancing fertility in male but before applying any such methods it is very important for a person to know his fertility factor so that the diagnosed problem can be addressed properly.

Male fertility test is simple and routine. Male infertility is a factor in approximately 50% of all infertility cases, and male infertility alone accounts for approximately one-third of all cases of infertility.

Semen analysis

It is the most common spermcheck fertility test for determining if there is a male infertility factor. Sperm is collected into a specimen jar and presented to a lab technician who examines the sperm under a microscope in order to evaluate the count, shape, appearance, and mobility of the sperm. While determining the men fertilityscore, the technician will also be checking to see if the sperm concentration is above or below 20 million sperm cells per milliliter of ejaculation fluid.


It can be used to search for white blood cells–an indicator of possible infection. Urinalysis will also show the possible presence of sperm in the urine–an indicator of a possible problem with ejaculation known as retrograde ejaculation.


An exam used to locate damage or blockages in the male reproductive tract, including the prostate, seminal vesicles, and ejaculatory ducts.

Fertility test for men at home

There are many products and techniques that has been invented for testing the fertility of male in a domestic manner without any professional help. Element is the first medical test kit for determining male fertility which can be administered in the privacy of the home. Element is capable of quickly and easily evaluating sperm count, motility and forward progression, which make up the primary criteria set by the World Health Organization for determining male fertility.

The FertilMARQ Home Diagnostic Screening Test is an easy-to-use screening test to measure your sperm concentration and indicate potential oligiospermia issues. The FertilMARQ Test works by staining the cells in a sperm sample to produce a color. The intensity of this color is then compared to a color reference on the FertilMARQ test cassette. The color comparison will tell you whether the sperm concentration in the test sample is above 20 million/mL (a positive test) or below 20 million/mL (a negative test).

Other than these, there are many similar home methods available which can also be used for male fertility testing.

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