How to Get Pregnant Fast by Increase Sperm Motility?

Sperm motility can be described as the characteristic feature of a sperm cell to swim and move towards the female eggs in order to stimulate fertilization. It is a term used in defining the strength and endurance of the sperm cells and it is the sperm motility that determines the fertility of a male and it is one of the essential areas which can be treated to help a woman get pregnant fast.

Ways to increase sperm motility and help a woman get pregnant fast

One of the best ways of sperm motility treatment is the increase in consumption of sperm aiding supplements such as Vitamin E supplements. Vitamin E supplements will protect your body from free radicals as well as unstable molecules which can cause some damages to your fertility and reproductive system at large. Eating the right kinds of foods is ideal to improve your fertility and help your partner get pregnant fast. Foods rich in Zinc including oysters,lean red meats, liver, nuts and grains are foods which will help you improve your semen volume and at the same time increase their motility.

Getting a sperm motility test is one of the ways to detect whether you need a sperm motility treatment or not, it will also help you detect how fertile you are and if you will need some form of medical examinations to deal with the underlying factors causing the problem. The consumption of selenium rich foods will increase the production of selenium protein in your testes. Selenium protein is a vital protein which is used in boosting semen production and increase their motility. Sea foods, garlic, brewer’s yeast, nuts, and eggs are some of the foods that increase your selenium production.

Foods rich in L-carnitine can also boost sperm production and motility. Studies have shown from several sperm motility tests that increasing the amount of consumption of L-carnitine which are essential amino acids within 4 months can actually help increase the motility and sperm production of an individual. This in turn will have a positive effect on your fertility and help your spouse get pregnant fast.

Herbs such as maca, ginger and garlic are traditional fertility enhancers in men. They can be used in dealing with all sorts of fertility problems and at the same time they increase semen volume and boost your sperm motility. It is believe that personal hygiene include low temperatures for sperm production as well abstaining from smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can also naturally boost sperm motility in males.

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