How to Get Pregnant after Miscarriage

How to Get Pregnant after Miscariage

For woman, one of the hardest things is having an unexpected miscarriage.

Imagine what happens to the heart of woman who is excited knowing about her positive pregnancy tests and she is filled with high hopes and joy, and then one day the Doctor tells her that ‘you are having a miscarriage’.

A lot of women go through this phase of deep sorrow. They cry and cry for months with pain in their heart.

It is true that the second pregnancy does not replace the first, and it is essential for a couple to talk with their Doctor about the options and risks.

Mostly doctors recommend two to three cycles prior you attempt conceiving again and some advice even six months to a year for the body to repair. So, it is clear that pregnancy soon after the miscarriage can create problems.

But, for all those women should know that all hopes having a baby are not lost in the slightest after their miscarriage. In most of the cases, it happens because the woman’s body was not prepared well for the drastic changes. But there are certain things to know.

It has been found that 85% of women faced a miscarriage are able to get pregnant to full term, while 75% of the women who faced miscarriage for more than once are able to conceive again.

Highest degree of care is the best factor determining the outcome and also emotional wellbeing is very effective.

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