Get Pregnant Fast – Beat Low Sperm Count

Low sperm count remains the major cause of infertility in meninfertility in men. In most cases, biological and environmental factors are often responsible for this problem. The commonest low sperm count reasons include; Genetic factors, Testicular over-heating, Malnutrition, smoking, alcohol abuse, and obesity among others. If you want help your wife get pregnant fast you have to deal with these problems to increase your sperm count.

Low sperm count reasons and ways to get pregnancy

The concentration of the spermatozoa or the minimum sperm count should be at least 20 million per ml, anything short of this is regarded as low sperm count. The total volume of semen should also be at least 2ml, while it is expected that at least 75% of the spermatozoa should be alive. Though having low sperm counts below the above mentioned does not mean a man will not be able to father a child but you must ensure that you deal with these problems to ensure that your spouse get pregnant fast.

The constant exposure of an individual to environmental hazards which include; harmful chemicals, infections and Toxins can be part of the low sperm count reasons in some individuals. Oxygen-free radicals as well as Estrogen emulation chemicals can cause low sperm count in men, likewise excessive heating on the scrotum can also lead to such complications. Exposure of the body to heavy metals including Cadmium, arsenic and lead can also be one of the main reason for low sperm production.

Genetic factors and some complicated medical issues such as cystic fibroids can also lead to low sperm count problems, in this case the victim will have to be treated against some infection before being treated for low sperm count. Exposure to radiation damages is another main reason why low sperm count is rampant in some males. Cells over-exposed to radiation x-rays may be destroyed partially and that may take them several years to be restored.

There are several ways by which low sperm count reasons can be dealt with. First of all you need to understand that eliminating alcohol and consuming as much organic foods as possible is one surest way of boosting your sperm count and helping your spouse get pregnant fast. Organic foods including whole and unprocessed foods such as legumes, vegetables , whole grains and fruits possess the ability to boost your sperm count and help your wife or partner get pregnant fast.

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