fibroidIt has been found that nearly 40% women above age 35 have fibroids. The Fibroids are also known as ‘Myomas’. Fibroids are the tissues that grow inside the uterus during the reproductive age. These tissues comprise the uterus’s muscle tissue and fibers. And, after menopause, these tissues shrink.

Fibroids commonly grow inside the uterus wall – these are the ‘Intramural’ fibroids. The ‘Subserosal’ fibroids grow on the uterus’ exterior wall and extend to the abdominal cavity. And, the ‘Pedunculated’ fibroids are attached to the uterus through a narrow stalk.

It has been found that a woman can develop fibrids due to genetic reasons.

In many women, the signs of fibroids are not visible and most of the women are not aware of the fibroid occurrence in their uterus. But, for some women, this condition can be problematic. In many women, heavy menstrual flow is found as a sign lasting for a week and it affects their normal activities as excess bleeding results in anemia. Also, if a fibroid is large, it can trigger pressure on the other organs. When a fibroid gets large, it causes Pelvic pain. When a fibroid creates pressure on the bladder, it results in an urge to urinate frequently, even when the bladder is empty. And, when fibroids press one or both the ureters, it blocks the urine flow. At later stage, it can cause kidney infections. In some cases, it may lead to cancer.

Eating foods with anti-inflammatory properties are useful for treating fibroids like rosemary, hops, and cur cumin. Reducing the amount of estrogen in body through maintaining a healthy weight is also good.

There are many Chinese herbs work well for this purpose. And, if the fibroids are small in size and not causing serious problems, then leave them alone and they will shrink naturally during the menopause. But, large fibroids cannot be left alone.

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