Female Infertility Reasons – Physical Symptoms

There are several underlying factors for female infertility, these factors often show themselves in form of some physical infertility symptoms. The physical symptoms are apparent signs that a woman must be having some internal and external physical factors that are contributing to her infertility.

female infertilityPhysical Infertility symptoms in women -

Physical symptoms of female infertility may be some serious complications to the reproductive functioning of the individual.  Menstruation and ovulation problems are some of the most common physical symptoms of female infertility.  Any physical alteration to the female menstrual cycle can result in female infertility symptoms. Ovulatory complications and disruptions of the menstrual cycles are the common physical infertility reasons for this kind of problems.

Anovulation is one of the physical symptoms of infertility in women. Anovulation means, a woman can still menstruate but eggs are not released.  Amennorhea is another physical symptom of female infertility which can be used in describing the absence of female menstruation.  Excessive bleeding is one of the most complicated physical sterility symptoms and it often result from some other complications such as miscarriages, and physical accidents to the growing baby.

The physical symptoms of infertility highlighted above can also indicate the need to diagnose some inherent problems relating to pregnancy and such include; Premature Ovarian failure, Fibroid tumour, endometriosis, Uterine damage, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and Uterine/ vaginal birth defects. These are some of the commonest infertility reasons which result in most of the common physical symptoms of female infertility.

Hormonal imbalances can also contribute to some of the physical factors that are responsible for female infertility. Polycystic ovarian syndrome is one of the physical infertility symptoms on women which results from the excessive production of male hormones- Androgens in women.  The effect of hormonal imbalances in women can also lead to other factors such as acne, oily skin and excessive hair growth in some women.

There are several infertility reasons a woman may likely deal with it especially when it comes to physical factors and symptoms of infertility. Painful symptoms of female infertility often result from a number of physical symptoms of infertility and these include; menstrual cramps, endometriosis or fibroid tumours may be the result of painful sexual intercourse. Pelvic pain may also result from fibroid tumours and endometriosis. Pelvic inflammatory diseases, uterine wall damages are also some of the most complicated physical symptoms of infertility.

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