exerciseIf a woman has trouble conceiving and not getting pregnant, exercise is a great way to cure this problem. Doing exercise on regular basis can influence your fertility greatly. In fact, exercising too much or very low can affect the natural fertility of your body that can prevent one from getting pregnant. So, if you have tried everything and did not succeed, then you can try this great natural treatment to get pregnant.

But, it is important top note that when you exercise in excess, may also cause infertility as too much body fat is lost, fat produces estrogen to help ovulation occur regularly.

When exercise is done in a balance, it can help increase fertility. You can do exercise for around 30 minutes (3-4 days a week). It works greatly for pregnancy. And, when exercise is combined with a healthy diet, it can stimulate fertility and you will be able to conceive.

You can do walking, cycling, swimming and yoga. Exercise keeps your body in shape and your weight in a proportionate amount. You should know that weight is also a factor that can hinder your pregnancy chances, in both conditions, when it is high or low. Reports say that 12% of the infertility cases are because of the weight problems.

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