Changing Lifestyle

changing lifestyleEven your lifestyle affects your conception chances. Don’t believe it? The, my advice to you is ‘Wake Up’.

Where are you living man? It has been found that in many cases, women could not conceive only because they were living their life in a very unhealthy way.

Today, many women smoke, drink and also take drugs. All these things affect their fertility. The career woman of today works long hours, lacks sleep, suffers from tension and anxiety disorders. These things all together attacks the adrenal glands that become over active and sometimes they even produce male hormones. This situation makes it very hard for a woman to conceive.

By now, you must have understood it clearly that how your lifestyle affects your pregnancy chances. But, do not worry, you can change this all, it is all in your hands.

First, you need to stay away from cigarettes, drinks, marijuana, hashish, heroine and other addiction that are very harmful for you. Eat healthy food in the diet with good nutrition.

Do exercises daily. Reduce stress by engaging yourself in recreational activities. Attend social gatherings and events where you will met different people and you will have good time.

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