Causes Of Infertility In Men

Infertility in Men - Causes

What Causes Male Infertility?

It will not be wrong to say that men too show the desire to become a father of a lovely child.  However, some of them are not lucky enough to fulfill their desire. And, the reason behind it is infertility. Men infertility has turned out to be more common these days. And, there are several reasons behind it. A male is said to be infertile if he is unable to attain a pregnancy in a fertile female.

Whatever the reasons may be, infertility in men can invite other problems as well.  In most of the cases, it creates gap between the couple; man suffers from low self esteem; he is looked down upon by his relatives and other members in the society. So, these are basically the outcomes that come along with infertility. However, one can deal with it in a better way to maintain the peace in his martial life. Nevertheless, let us know about some of the common Causes of Infertility in men.

3 Reasons for Male Infertility

1. Male tube blockage: Epididymis or vas deferens is the tube that carries sperms from the testes and ejaculates through the penis. And, if this tube gets blocked by some sexual diseases, such as gonorrhea or chlamydiaor, then it can certainly lead to infertility in men. This is one of the most commonly faced problems by men. However, it can be treated by surgery.

2. Sperm problems: You must have heard about this problem. Some of the sperm problems are low sperm count, abnormally shaped sperms, and poor sperm mobility. Thankfully, there are several drugs that can increase the fertility of sperms and their production as well. Apart from them, one can also opt for artificial insemination. It is a complex procedure that involves the injecting the sperm straightly into the egg.

3. Tobacco Smoking: Men who smoke quite frequently show 30 percent higher chances of infertility. And, it has already been proved that tobacco contains some extremely harmful elements which can kill sperm cells. For this reason, it is always better to stay away from smoking, or at least keep it within certain limit.

So, those were three most common reasons that lead to infertility in men. Men Infertility test has definitely helped millions of men across the world to figure out the problem well before in time. Fortunately, now we have several ways to treat Male Infertility Treatments Naturally.

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