Alternative Treatment for Infertility – Get Pregnant


Infertility is the major reason behind pregnancy difficulties. This condition does not allow women to conceive and get pregnant. It directly attacks their ability to fertile. Millions of women are affected of this condition worldwide. It is not easy to get rid of infertility as popular conventional treatments like IVF ha a high failure rate. [...]

Not getting pregnant – natural treatment of Infertility

Breathing Techniques

Infertility problems are basically the reasons why you are not getting pregnant. Infertility according to a number of researches are becoming a prominent problem in women. Those who are able to diagnose the problem on time can get help and the commonest one are blocked fallopian tube and ovulation disruption problems. Though prescription and surgical [...]

Herbal Remedies for whom not getting pregnant

dong quai

The causes of infertility vary from one woman to the other, however many women are experiencing the good side of infertility herbal remedies in the cure for their unavailability to get pregnant. The basic reasons why herbal remedies are used include; The establishment of normal Hormonal functioning, Tone up and nourish the uterus linings, Balance [...]



Diet plays an important role in the treatment of pregnancy problems. For a woman, who wants to get pregnant and become a mother, it is very important to have healthy food in her diet. Healthy food is required for the proper functioning of all the body organs and it is a ‘must’ thing for conception. [...]

Changing Lifestyle

changing lifestyle

Even your lifestyle affects your conception chances. Don’t believe it? The, my advice to you is ‘Wake Up’. Where are you living man? It has been found that in many cases, women could not conceive only because they were living their life in a very unhealthy way. Today, many women smoke, drink and also take [...]

Menstrual Cycle

Menstrual Cycle

Having intercourse in the menstrual cycle is very useful if you want to increase your pregnancy chances and become a mother. This is the time when a woman is the most fertile in the whole month. When the time of menstrual cycle comes, a woman ovulates and during this process, she becomes more fertile. Conception [...]

Make Up


You would not believe, but even the make up you use can make you infertile Yes, using make can lead top infertility in women. There are many cosmetics that have severe affects on your fertility. The toxins in these cosmetics are called ‘hormone disrupting chemicals’ and they can lower down your estrogen level. When they [...]

Sex Positions


It is a very wide misconception that the sex position does not matter for your pregnancy. It is totally wrong. Actually, there are positions that can help your get pregnant fast and there are positions that can decrease your chances of conception. According to experts, Missionary (man on top) and Scissors (both lying on sides) [...]