This is another responsible factor that creates trouble conceiving. When a woman does not get pregnant, she gets depressed and stress is put on their mind and body heavily. This condition affects their conceptions chances drastically. There are a large number of women who are not aware if that fact that stress affects their fertility [...]



It has been found that nearly 40% women above age 35 have fibroids. The Fibroids are also known as ‘Myomas’. Fibroids are the tissues that grow inside the uterus during the reproductive age. These tissues comprise the uterus’s muscle tissue and fibers. And, after menopause, these tissues shrink. Fibroids commonly grow inside the uterus wall [...]

Ovarian Cysts


An enlarged ovarian follicle (2cms) is termed as an ‘Ovarian Cyst’. A cyst is a small sac of tissue filled with fluid. There are two types of ovarian cysts – functional and non-functional cysts. Determining the type of an ovarian cyst is done by identifying the fluid inside a cyst. The non-functional ovarian cysts are [...]



Endometriosis is a very common disease in women that troubles conception and it can a woman of any age group. There is a tissue that lines the uterus and it builds up and sheds in a month. And, at the end of every monthly cycle, it discharges. The tissue is usually found in the abdominal [...]

PCOS – Cause of Pregnancy Problems


It is a disorder found in women that has become very common worldwide. The full form of PCOS is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. This syndrome results in infertility as it creates cysts in the ovaries. In this condition, the ovarian cells are replaced by the cysts and this affects the formation of egg cells and menstruation. [...]

Permanent Infertility

Permanent Infertility

The term ‘infertility’ in women refers to the inability of a female to conceive a baby on her own without any need of medicines or fertility cure. The female infertility is very common and it becomes more prevalent when the age of a woman increases. Today, some causes of infertility can be resolved by implementing [...]