Causes Of Infertility In Men

Infertility in Men - Causes

It will not be wrong to say that men too show the desire to become a father of a lovely child.  However, some of them are not lucky enough to fulfill their desire. And, the reason behind it is infertility. Men infertility has turned out to be more common these days. And, there are several [...]

What Are The Causes Of Infertility In Women

Female Infertility Causes

In the present time, infertility has turned out to be more common among couples. Health related websites and health magazines often come up with issues related to infertility and other sexual issues. So, have you ever thought about the causes of infertility in women? Well, it is true that there are plenty of causes of [...]

Common Causes Of Infertility

Reasons of Infertility

It is the desire of most of the newly married couples to attain parenthood sooner or later. However, some of them are not able to achieve it, and the prime cause is infertility. Now, the question that pops inside our mind is what the causes of infertility are. Well, there can be several reasons of [...]

Female Infertility Reasons – Physical Symptoms

female infertility

There are several underlying factors for female infertility, these factors often show themselves in form of some physical infertility symptoms. The physical symptoms are apparent signs that a woman must be having some internal and external physical factors that are contributing to her infertility. Physical Infertility symptoms in women – Physical symptoms of female infertility [...]

Not Getting Pregnant Reasons


With increasing number of women who are facing different conception problems, the number of treatment options is also increasing. But, do you know that what actually causes these pregnancy problems? Let’s find out in this article. It will help you for spotting reasons. Possible Reasons for Not Getting Pregnant 1. Addiction – This is the [...]

Why i do not get pregnant? causes of Infertility


Infertility in women can be broken down into several categories and such include; Cervical problems, Ovulatory problems, Uterine problems, and Pelvic/ tubal factors. Often times a combination of these factors can lead to a woman not getting pregnant. In dealing with fertility problems , one has to treat the root cause of such problems according [...]



Addiction is one of the biggest reasons that create barriers for women to get pregnant. Tobacco, alcohol, nicotine and all types of drugs affect the over all healthy drastically that includes fertility and the reproduction system in women. Today, a large number of women drink, smoke and take drugs and they do not know that [...]



Another cause behind the conception problems that a number of women unaware of. Yes, caffeine affects your fertility hugely. Caffeine is available in coffee, chocolate etc.  Caffeine is a stimulant that increases blood pressure and heart rate and it can cause frequent urination that is very negative for conception and also during pregnancy. When you [...]