Breathing Techniques

Breathing TechniquesThe breathing techniques are very useful for conception problems. It is natural way to increase fertility. There are many Mind-body techniques that create a relaxation response. While performing these techniques, the body is at ease without any stress and worries; it gives a state of healing and rejuvenation. These practices can also help women for the hormonal imbalances problems. Actually, they help you gain a balance for your mental, physical and emotional levels.

These techniques involves interaction of the breathing energy with the ‘Chakras’ and Nadis. There is a direct link between breathing and our emotional state. When you are nervous or excited, you breathe fast. Most of the people breathe through one nostril at a time. The breath of a healthy person can change every few hours and it shifts from one nostril to the other. Our both nostrils have different impacts on a person’s mental and physical state. Your left nostril is passive, cool, soothing and feminine, but the right one is active, warm, energizing and masculine. And, when your breath remains in one nostril for long, it can result in mental and physical ailments. The breathing techniques harmonize your breath from both nostrils.

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