addictionAddiction is one of the biggest reasons that create barriers for women to get pregnant. Tobacco, alcohol, nicotine and all types of drugs affect the over all healthy drastically that includes fertility and the reproduction system in women.

Today, a large number of women drink, smoke and take drugs and they do not know that what they are doing to themselves. These harmful things affect their fertility.

Smoking has severe effects on the ovaries and the uterus of women. It also has a risk of miscarriage, a lower birth weight and it affects the iron absorption ability of your body.

When we talk of alcohol, even moderate level of consumption, 1-5 drinks in a week can reduce the conceiving chances of a woman. Alcohol not only lowers your conception chances, but in many cases, it may make you permanently unable to conceive.

Drugs like Marijuana, hashish, heroine, brown sugar etc. are all very threatening for your pregnancy chances. They can make you infertile permanently and once infertile, it becomes very hard to reverse your fertility.

Leave all these things and increase your conception chances by eating healthy food in the diet daily. It is true that leaving all these tings suddenly may not be easy for you, but you can cut off the number of cigarettes and drink glasses you consume daily.

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